How to set the Right Tone in Your SMS Marketing Campaign

With more than 98% customer engagement, text messaging has always proved as one of the most important marketing tools. Calls from an unknown number are often ignored even e-mails may end up in junk filter but an SMS from any unknown number is immediately opened, so a text message will always do the job more effectively. Though there are no hard and fast rules for against the use of SMS for the marketing campaign it depends upon the individual business to set the right tone to match the understanding of the business and its audience.


Bulk SMS

It is important to understand the nature of the marketing campaign before one start using the bulk SMS marketing service. The level of informality or formality which is going to get reflected in the promotional SMS largely affects the campaign. Many abbreviations like FYI or ASAP has been widely excerpted and used as a part of informal business communication. In certain cases, like campaigning for a teen fashion product or selling any food product using text speak like U for YOU and 8 for EIGHT (like gr8 for great) can add more liveliness to the message.  But until and unless it is not a campaign for casual products, using perfect grammar and punctuation is still very essential for SMS marketing campaign. People might be unfamiliar with such abbreviations and end up getting confused with the actual message. It is recommended to keep the message clear and concise. Same might happen with using of jargon which is commonly used in any business line and gives the message an instant authoritative tone but can also become a hindrance if it is not widely known, the message will be lost in such cases. Use of proper and plain English for clarity is always appreciated. Some of the Best Online Messaging Service providers are now available to deal with such issues and provides the marketers the best strategy for their campaign.



SMS Marketing The tone of the message should always reflect the brand’s personality, but at the same time it should also take into account from which level it is coming from, something with more informal way is appropriate for the sales department but if it is coming from the CEO the message needs to have a tone that conveys more gravity and authority. Some of the common mistakes while making an SMS marketing campaign is that the marketers fail to capitalize the fact that a transactional SMS invites the customer to engage with the brand, customers want to feel valued, the traditional ways of marketing is no longer excepted and organization focus more on building relationships rather than just selling product and this should always reflect in the text message. Scheduling the text message timing is everything. A proper transactional SMS campaign befits the marketing mix of the brand helps in gaining more customer attention. The frequency of sending the text message should not annoy the receiver. With the availability of bulk SMS marketing service provider in the market it is not difficult to reach more audience at a time but to make them attract towards the service or the product depends on the tone of the SMS which is going to hit their phone. With the help of some of the best Online Messaging Service provider, it is also easy to monitor the promotional SMS campaign.


SMS campaign is a fast mode of communication with multiple stakeholders and customers taking very little effort to reach them. Be it a promotional SMS or a sales alert or any new story, it is important to ensure that there is no room for any misinterpretation of the message sent.

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