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What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals.

It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

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Can I test a demo account before buying BulkSMS services?

Absolutely Yes!! We do provide such facilities to our buyers & clients.

Before buying our services we give you details of our dummy account. You can easily log into it and test about how our services will work for you. You can send text messages to few people through this demo account.

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Can I Send SMS Messages to any network through Bulk SMS Service?

Yes! We are one of the top most bulk sms provider in India, with the help of our solutions, it is quite easy to send group SMS in all over the India via different sms gateway networks.

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How I came to know, my messages get delivered?

It's easy.

You can check delevery details by your own from the delevery report from our panel.

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Following rules of TRAI is necessary? Is SMSmyntra follows their guidelines too?

Yes! Following TRAI rules while sending BulkSMS is important for sms service provider else you will get punished and we @ SMSMyntra strictly follow TRAI guidelines.

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Which type of SMS can I push on DND numbers?

Only Transactional SMS ones, Promotional SMS can't be pushed on DND numbers in any circumstances.

If any organization will do it intentionally or accidentally, it will be penalized by TRAI.

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Can I send personalized SMS to my contacts through PC?

Of-course you can! From Our SMS Web Panel

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What is API?

The role of API is to provide an interface between different software systems.

You Can Integrate API into your Website. Bulk SMS API is a quickest way of delivering SMS to the intended recipient's cell phones.

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How to buy Bulk SMS Pack?

Go to contact us page>fill your details>we will guide you after that

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Do you provide International SMS Marketing?

We provide International SMS to the Middle East, USA, Europe, Germany ETC

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Can I send SMS with My Company Name?

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Do You provide contact Number Database?

Yes we provide Database. We may charge you for the Data separately. Its depends on the data you want.

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What is the difference between User and Reseller?

The difference between end user and reseller is a very simple.

End user uses the Bulk SMS services for the self purpose and of course the reseller is the person who buy bulk SMS Service from the service provider and resale to another user. reseller act as intermediary between bulk SMS Service provider and end user.

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How many numbers maximum I can send sms at a single shot ?

Its Depends on the SMS Panel.

You can send 5k to 10k message in a single shot.

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What is Sender Id?

Sender ID is the Name which goes in the Header of the SMS .

It can be alpha numeric and maximum 6 characters.It can be your company name , product name , any names.

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What is DND With Filtering or Without Filtering?

DND – Do Not Disturb Numbers . As per TRAI’s rule commercial sms should not be sent to DND Numbers registered with them . So we have two routes

With DND Filtering - SMS Sent through this route will not be sent to DND Numbers if present . We have systems so that it will be automatically filtered in run time when it is sent.
Without DND Filtering - SMS Sent through this route will be sent to DND Numbers if present . There will be no filtering for this route.

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Can I use DND Without Filtering Route for promotional purposes?

No. You should not use it for promotional purpose.

It is used only for transactional purpose. We have separate team for monitoring this route. If your account is found using this route for promotional purposes , Your account will be deactivated immediately and fine will be levied or it might lead to closure of the account.

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I have a Domain . How do I activate my reseller’s panel?

Point the A record of the domain to our IP .

Then put the domain name without www in add new user /reseller.

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Can I integrate SMS api at my web portal?

Yes you can.

We have ready made script for sms panel.

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